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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I pay for Hope House Foundation services?

  • Services are paid for through the Medicaid Community Living Waiver, the Medicaid Family & Individual Supports Waiver or the Medicaid Building Independence Waiver.
  • You will use your Social Security and/or work income to pay for your other expenses such as rent, bills, and recreational activities.

I do not have a Medicaid Waiver. How do I get one?

  • You must meet with the Waiver Intake Coordinator at the Community Services Board in the city where you live. They will ask you for paperwork documenting your intellectual/developmental disability prior to the age of 22. Once you are screened in as eligible, your name will be placed on a waitlist at the state level. The waitlist is quite extensive, so please stay in touch with your community service board support coordinator about any changes in your situation.

Can I still receive support from Hope House Foundation while I wait for a Waiver?

  • We do offer private pay support, but it is costly. Please speak to the Hope House Foundation Admissions staff if this is something you wish to consider.

Does Hope House Foundation require that I name them as my Representative Payee?

  • No. If fact, we encourage all of those that are able to do so to be their own rep payee. However, we do offer the service of becoming a person’s rep payee if that is a service that you request. We can also apply for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, Energy Assistance, file your taxes and complete your Medicaid recertification paperwork for you as a part of your regular services.
  • If you request an outside party to be your rep payee, Hope House Foundation may not be able to assist with applying for and maintaining additional benefits if we do not have access to required financial information.

How will I pay my bills?

  • Your Hope House Foundation Service Coordinator will be responsible for assessing your skills in money management and will develop a budget plan with you as well as a plan to best include you in managing your money.
  • Basic expenses during the month are defined as rent, telephone, cable, electric, gas (in some locations), groceries, and laundry.
  • In some cases, you will use PC banking to pay your bills. In other cases, you may write a check, use check cards or use cash. This will also be determined based on your preferences.
  • Hope House Foundation is fortunate to have access to grants and other community donations to assist with helping the people we support with living a life of their choosing in the community. While funds are limited, we are often able to provide some funding for dental care, clothing needs, and recreational activities when needed if all other options have been exhausted.

How will I furnish my apartment?

  • Your personal finances, family, case management, and Hope House Foundation may all play a role in helping you furnish your apartment. There may be options available to you through Medicaid as well.

I use a wheelchair and have significant physical needs. Many people have told me that because of the intensity of my service needs that I am not able to live on my own. Is this true?

  • Hope House Foundation has trained staff that are ready to meet your support needs. We utilize adaptive equipment, environmental modifications, Assistive Technology to help meet your needs. We also partner with skilled nursing services when needed in order to design a service plan that will meet the total care needs.

How will my medical needs and medications be supported?

  • Hope House Foundation can assist you with scheduling your medical appointments if needed.
  • We will accompany you to any/all appointments based on your needs/desires. If staff do not accompany you to the appointment, you are responsible for communicating any changes in your medical status to the staff supporting you. You will also need to have any required documentation completed by the medical professional and returned to the team for your records.
  • The level of assistance you need with medication administration will be determined through the assessment process.

I have additional mental health diagnoses. Will that affect my ability to receive services from Hope House Foundation?

  • The majority of the individuals supported by Hope House Foundation have a dual diagnosis. We provide positive behavioral support training to each staff member annually, and have endorsed Positive Behavioral Support professionals on staff to assist with any behavioral support needs.
  • It is important to note that most direct support professionals employed by Hope House Foundation do not have a mental health background. If mental health support is your primary need, we will need to discuss whether or not the support you need falls within our scope of services.

Do you provide support during the overnight hours?

  • We will meet with you and your support team to determine the level of support (if any) that you need and/or want during overnight hours. This can include utilizing available technology to monitor the status of the people we support when needed as well as direct support for personal care.

Can I have visitors or overnight guests?

  • The apartment is yours, and you are responsible for any guests. Hope House Foundation will provide reminders about your safety as well as the other individuals receiving services within proximity to you.
  • Should you have a roommate, you would need their agreement before inviting a guest to visit or spend the night.

Can I visit my boyfriend/girlfriend?

  • We support people acquiring and maintaining healthy personal relationships.
  • Your support needs and the needs of the other person will determine the level of planning needed to support the visit.
  • Hope House Foundation is a mandatory reporter of abuse, neglect or exploitation. Should we suspect or you report such incidents, we are required, by law, to report them to Adult Protective Services and the Department of Human Rights. This may impact our ability to support your relationship.

Do I have to have a roommate?

  • This will depend on your financial situation and your personal preferences as well as the availability of services at various Hope House Foundation teams.
  • Most of the individuals we support choose NOT to have a roommate.
  • Hope House Foundation can assist you with applying for housing assistance through your local housing authority to assist you with the cost of rent.

What happens if I do not like my roommate?

  • Hope House is careful in facilitating roommate matches. We assist roommates with weekly meetings to help ensure a peaceful living situation for both individuals. Should an unresolved conflict occur we will make every effort to seek alternative solutions.

Can I have contact with and visit my family? Can I spend the night or spend holidays with them?

  • Hope House Foundation supports people in maintaining positive relationships with their family. We consider family to be an essential part of a person’s service team. For some family members, a weekly phone call or email exchange with our Team Coordinator is helpful to make sure everyone is aware of any important concerns as well as to discuss current service plans.
  • Every effort possible will be made to honor all holiday wishes and traditions whether with your family or in your own home.

Can I have a pet?

  • Pet ownership will first need to be approved by your property management company and be acceptable in the terms of your lease.
  • Pet ownership is a personal and financial responsibility. Your ability to care for a pet and financially support a pet will need to be considered first.
  • Generally, in the first six months of living in your own home, it is best to focus on adjusting to your new life before you consider adding the responsibilities of owning a pet.